A decisive move

Moveo is a handsome, new generation of flip-top table systems. This sturdy, slim table design is attractive with the 40/4 stacking chair, and allows for easy operation and handling by just one person. Moveo provides an excellent concealed and space-saving solution for the provision of power and data on the tabletop. It’s a multi-functional table that’s designed to be as flexible as your own corporate agenda.

The Moveo table is a flexible office table which supports a more dynamic corporate culture. Moveo won the Gold Award in the “Best of NeoCon” competition in Chicago in 2005.

Usage: Moveo tables are intended for meeting rooms, training facilities and conference settings.

Moveo is designed by Justus Kolberg + Erik Simonsen.

One platform… multiple designs

The automobile industry often develops innovative technologies that are integrated into a long list of different products and models. We also see Moveo as an example of innovative products built around unique technological platforms. The table has a number of revolutionary functions and design features, which we have developed with optimal functionality, comfort and handling in mind.

Erik Simonsen, ACER DESIGN